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Share and Share Alike

  The one question brought up most from vanillas about swingers and polyamory was how could I stand to see other women all over “my” man. Was jealousy a problem? I found it culturally interesting that in the Southern U.S., there wasn’t anything said about me, from other women, about being a willing and active… Continue reading Share and Share Alike


Carrie Fisher…2016..Make It Stop…

“Pure Lust is an oxymoron” Carrie Fisher 2016 will always be the year that we almost lost Culture. So many musicians, actors, Icons taken; some not surprising (Fidel Castro was 90), some shockingly early (Anton Yelchin was 27). There’s no rhyme or reason for the amount of deaths this year, just that a dark shroud… Continue reading Carrie Fisher…2016..Make It Stop…

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Happy Yuletide-Winter Solstice

So the shortest day came, and the year died, And everywhere down the centuries of the snow-white world Came people singing, dancing, To drive the dark away. They lighted candles in the winter trees; They hung their homes with evergreen; They burned beseeching fires all night long To keep the year alive, And when the… Continue reading Happy Yuletide-Winter Solstice

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Pubic hair: nature’s way of keeping the vajay warm. For some freaky damn reason, completely hairless coochy is the expected norm nowadays. So much, in fact, that a whole generation of young Americans now believe there’s no way to have lush vegetation on your ladybits and be “normal”. Young males are especially confused on this.… Continue reading Bush

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50 More Shades of Horse Shit

The new 50 Shades movie comes out in the next few weeks…great. Another incessant barrage of misinformation about BDSM. More confusion about what constitutes consent, and what is abuse. The whole damn thing makes me grumpy. Yeah, I can hear BDSM friends say, “But Z, it brings fresh faces into the lifestyle. Once they get… Continue reading 50 More Shades of Horse Shit