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Happy One Year Anniversary!

This week is the 1 year anniversary of Cattywampus Universe coming into existence. In the beginning, I thought I had a finite amount of time to tell the story of my crazy life. Turns out life is funny that way, that she makes the rules. Life decided I needed more time, and she gave it.… Continue reading Happy One Year Anniversary!

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The Shackles Are Off

For three long, tedious, arduous years, I stood under a big bucket of suck called an ALS diagnosis. For those of you unsure of what this is, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis destroys your motor nerves: no motor nerves, no moving, no breathing , no eating. It’s typically a 2 year water slide to a horrific clusterfuck… Continue reading The Shackles Are Off

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Share and Share Alike

  The one question brought up most from vanillas about swingers and polyamory was how could I stand to see other women all over “my” man. Was jealousy a problem? I found it culturally interesting that in the Southern U.S., there wasn’t anything said about me, from other women, about being a willing and active… Continue reading Share and Share Alike


Carrie Fisher…2016..Make It Stop…

“Pure Lust is an oxymoron” Carrie Fisher 2016 will always be the year that we almost lost Culture. So many musicians, actors, Icons taken; some not surprising (Fidel Castro was 90), some shockingly early (Anton Yelchin was 27). There’s no rhyme or reason for the amount of deaths this year, just that a dark shroud… Continue reading Carrie Fisher…2016..Make It Stop…