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Goodbye Sweetie


Stephen Toulouse, or rather Stepto,  passed away Friday. He was a man of great stature in many spheres: XBox, cyber security, nerd culture. We Twitter followed each other, I never got to meet him in person, but, I felt we were friends. He tweeted me out of the blue over a year ago. I was flummoxed, this guy was a big deal in the gaming/nerd universe. He told me he enjoyed my writing, and my blog. I knew good and well it wasn’t the music one. It was here, Cattywampus Universe, the place I poured my sordid and varied sexual history. “Great,” I typed, “now you know I’m a freak” 
He typed a wink emoji. “You are writing about stuff that NEEDS discussed.” His emphasis, not mine. Stepto made me feel that what I had to say, no matter how freaky, was valuable. He was funny, warm, and delightfully open minded.
I’ve neglected Cattywampus Universe the past few months, and in Stephen Toulouse’s honor, I’ll keep writing about the stuff needing said. 

Goodbye Sweetie


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