BDSM · Sexuality



Pain without love
Pain, I can’t get enough
Pain, I like it rough
‘Cause I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all…
-3 Doors Down-

There comes a time in every slut’s life where she must change course. The usual fare of the sexually strange just isn’t enough. I’m looking out on the vast wasteland of my life and realizing I need a new kink. As my loyal 3 readers may remember, I tried to be a Financial Domme, with terrible results. I’m just too submissive. There wasn’t an emotional angle I could grasp onto for it to be successful. I mean, I can play the role of Dominatrix by going deep inside my psyche to call forth my inner Cunt, for an individual date or two, but it’s impossible to keep it going.Here’s the deal: I have Rheumatoid Disease and Fibromyalgia. Pain is like a ghost breathing on your neck, it’s there, but you’re too scared to grab it. There’s not a pain med available to me I haven’t tried and I’m running out of options. Then, I had an epiphany that I’ve approached it the wrong way. Maybe, I need to toughen up and find a way to enjoy it. The whole world of pain in the BDSM world opened its arms to me. I’ve become fascinated with the idea of pleasure and pain holding hands, enhancing each other. Tattoos are something I’ve wanted for awhile. Can I tap into a spot in my mind for it to bring me pleasure? There will be more piercings in the very near future. The pain from the septum piercing was excruciating, but fleeting. I’ll be doing future posts about this as I delve deeper into it.


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