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Play Nice With Your Toys


Sex toy makers, I challenge you to make a vibrating wand that I can’t break. Once upon a time, I had a Hitachi Magic Wand that lasted six years. After it finally wore out, I went through three wands in a row, each one wearing out after three months. Is it a case of the new ones not being made as rugged, or am I just really, really tough on my toys ?

So I decided , with an open mind , to expand my horizons with sex toys . Looking through the catalogs was a hoot . On display were French ticklers, knobs and barbells, and all sorts of freaky gadgets that seemed more at home in an auto shop than in the bedroom. A few I tried; I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to relax. Others I just looked at with trepidation. All the experimenting just made me lament that I couldn’t find a fucking magic wand that would last. I know they don’t make ’em like they used to , but WTF? For now, I have to stick with my itty-bitty handheld vibrator that takes forever to get the job done , alas.


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