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Pubic hair: nature’s way of keeping the vajay warm. For some freaky damn reason, completely hairless coochy is the expected norm nowadays. So much, in fact, that a whole generation of young Americans now believe there’s no way to have lush vegetation on your ladybits and be “normal”. Young males are especially confused on this. Sweeties, I got a few things to share. This is a woman’s right to decide. If she wants a 70’s porn star snatch, it’s her right. Boys need to be men about hooha hair.

Guess what? Women are supposed to have a bush. Just like legs and underarms, a hairy crotch has a biological use. Recently on ( ) Patrick Allan wrote, “A recent study performed by Dr. Benjamin Breyer, a urologist at the University of California, San Francisco, and published this week in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections found that participants who had groomed their pubic hair at least once in their lifetime were almost twice as likely to have had at least one STI. And participants who had groomed or gone completely bare more than 11 times per year were more than four times as likely.” Now to be fair, this is correlation without causation. But, if there’s smoke, there might just be a bush fire.

I personally think that giving yourself a scalping is boring and can be risky. I’m not the one who wants to explain to an ER doctor why I cut off my own clitoris in a tragic shaving disaster. Conversely, waxing my labia shut is counterproductive. Besides, I believe in individuality. Pussy hair can be braided, bedazzled, and dyed so the carpet matches the drapes. Muffs can be as well groomed as the ninth hole at the local golf course. You can even trim designs into it. Call it twat topiary, if you will. Young gentleman in this country need to realize that: 1) women get busy, 2) there’s no hair where your tongue goes anyway, and 3) reciprocation is appreciated. Don’t expect extreme grooming from your lady if you’re not willing to manscape just a bit.


So, let us be a bit more open-minded on the hair down their guys. Your woman will be grateful, and you’ll appear to be understanding. It will get you more of what you really want, shaved or no.


3 thoughts on “Bush

  1. Back hair, nose hair, ear hair, underarm hair, facial hair, chest hair, pubic hair, etc, etc.. It all is natural and on our bodies though the process of evolution… This was before we wore clothing, spent most of our time indoors, and cleaned ourselves daily.

    The study you cited also said that people who shave their crotch had sex more often and twice as many sex partners. Which do you think is the more likely reason for the increase in STIs? Lack of hair or double the sexual partners and activities?

    You can wear your hair anyway you like – but why the need to cast negative light on those that prefer them shaved?


  2. I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s a preference. Some folks like it shaved/styled, some don’t. Some people like beards/moustaches, some people like clean shaven faces. As with anything else like this, things will drift into style and later on will drift out again.


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