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Findomme: Second Week Slow Burn


So, Mr. Sub and I got into a short routine of sorts. We’d talk about whatever came up, then I’d go into the slow mind fuck routine. One session was a little play about using a straight razor as a erotic tool, which freaked him out. It was an exercise in imagining a straight razor gliding agonizingly slow all over his bound body. He thought it was a great bit of role play, and I didn’t tell him I had performed this in real time as a professional top.

I only did this for three days. Then he started to tweet me at odd hours wanting to have a session. It was at this point I gave him the link to my Venmo and Amazon gift list. And as I expected, her deferred, saying he wasn’t ready. I decided to give him the weekend to shape up, but no dice.
So I cut him loose, politely. He, of course, tried to talk me out of it, but I’d have none of it. He was the one who understood Findomme more than I did, but he was unwilling to pay to play. Too bad.

I told this all to my online writing partner, who got mad ass hell at the thought of me being “used”. To me, I wasn’t used. I received valuable information about Findomming from the subs point of view, and got to fuck with someone’s head who enjoyed it. I considered it a win/win.


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