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Ongoing Series: Findomme

It’s been a good while since I did a proper post here. I’ve been doing quite bit of digging into BDSM recently. In the middle of my research, I came across a fascinating section of the lifestyle, Findomme

Some people are masochistic. They get their pleasure from pain or humiliation. This could be physical, emotional, or financial. It’s the money part that pricked my thumbs. So, like a good quasi-journalist, I started digging. Turns out this is a HUGE subsection of BDSM. There are people, mostly men I found, that will pay large sums of money for a Domme (female) to humiliate them.

The fact that it’s mostly men who are the subs (or PayPigs), didn’t come as a complete surprise. In my experience, men tie outside achievement to their ego constantly. If your psyche doesn’t believe you deserve your riches, what better way to ease your money guilt that by being humiliated and giving it away. Makes sense to me.

This is not to be mistaken for sub support. Part of the D/s contract may be for the sub to give financial support to their Dom. This is done out of devotion and not just for humiliation alone. Your Dom/Domme need some help? You love them, you give it. So, for the next month I’m going undercover to see what I can find out about being a Findomme myself. I’ve set up an account on a website, and am in the process of getting verified. As I go, I’ll keep everyone filled in. Deal?


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