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Tantric Sex…It keeps Going, and Going…


Even though I was a practicing witch for most of my adult life, I never bought the concept of Tantric sex. What I’m speaking of is the extended male orgasm aspect of Tantra. It goes like this: men can achieve multiple orgasms without ejaculation. They can almost fuck forever. I couldn’t buy it until I saw it for myself.

We attended a typical Friday night swinger party. My guy friend and I had just finished, and we lounged around, taking stock of other couples. To the right of us, an older couple screwed away happily. It was obvious they were together for awhile, and knew each other’s bodies well. We watched for a few minutes, then he came; or so we thought. The guy slowed for just a second, then kept pumping. We just stared on in amazement, which kept growing each time we thought we saw this guy obviously cum, but keep on fucking. My friend started timing this couple from when we first started watching, and a hour passed before both partners came and collapsed on each other. We applauded, we could do nothing less. The other couple luckily had a sense of humor and laughed.

The male part of the couple, Jeff (you all know I don’t use real names, right?) was all too happy to share his secret: Tantra. He was taught by a lover years before. In a nut shell, men begin by trying to stop physical ejaculation by distracting themselves right before. Most learn this through masturbation first. Through practice, men feel the orgasm, but don’t ejaculate, so they stay hard longer. There was no way I would be a believer if I hadn’t seen for myself.

With most things, however, there can be too much of a good thing. Later on, I had sex with a few men who knew Tantra. Mostly, including with my husband, the experience was/is incredible. I had plenty of time to build up to my orgasm. There was always one or two partners where the intercourse lasted WAY too long. I’d get sore and dry and eventually have to tap out before the guy would  let himself cum. Guys, if you can research this and learn it, bless you. Just take stock of your partners needs and signals, so good luvin’ doesn’t turn into a nightmare. There are dozens of websites about Tantra on the internet. I’ll post some of them here.

Tantra 101

Tantra for Beginners

“My Tantric Orgasm” Mark Bentley Cohen


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