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It’s 3 am, and you’ve been fucking for a half hour. The sex has been decent, but not spectacular. At this point, you just want to sleep. So, you do your best Oscar performance of cumming. He buys it, cums himself a minute later, and you sleep. Don’t deny it: everyone, women AND men, fakes it sometimes. Ladies if you deny it, you’re lying. Men, if you claim your woman hasn’t faked it with you, you’re in denial. It’s a fact of life that needs to end…

Yes, even I have faked it. Not with every partner, and certainly not with my husband, but, guilty as charged. In the past, either as a sex worker or swinger, it seemed essential that my partner think I was satisfied. Male egos, I found, are fragile. Even if the men were paying for it, most always asked if I came. This made me laugh, seeing as it wasn’t part of the job description for me to orgasm. What perplexes me is why you would fake it in a relationship. It’s robbing yourself of not only your own pleasure, but the intimacy of mutually figuring out what makes both of you sexually tic.

We all have specific sexual needs, as unique as each of us. Now, most people don’t have partners that are psychic. This is the 21st century people, TELL THEM WHAT YOU NEED! Do you need a toe up your ass and your eyelids sucked simultaneously to orgasm? Let your partner know. Ask them if they need you to touch them a certain way, or kiss in a specific spot. This can be done with no judgements. Who knows, you might find a completely different person inside your partner you never knew was there. It takes a certain fearless to take the time to explore the needs and desires of a sex partner. Some people fear that kind of vulnerability. However, if you are too shy, scared, or lazy to communicate with your bed buddy, you get the sex you deserve.


5 thoughts on “FAKING!!!!!!

  1. Just because a woman faked an orgasm doesn’t mean their partner failed at all. Sometimes whether due to stress or meds, you can’t “go over the cliff” so to speak. It’s even hard sometimes to admit that a partner is pushing all your right buttons but you just can’t get there, kind of like female ED. It’s always better to communicate that fact honestly, but sometimes it’s hard to, especially if they’re really into it and you know it’s just an isolated issue and your legs are really really tired…


  2. I’ve never faked it. Never understood that, really. I hate any kind of fakeness, though, so that may have something to do with it.

    It’s pretty simple, if I don’t get there, I say so. Sometimes we keep going if I feel like it and sometimes we stop, which leads to a “to be continued…”anticipation of next time. Fun, fun! 🙂


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