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Through the Back Door

Boy, if you really want a divisive sex talk, get into anal. Either you love or hate it; there is no middle ground. In this post, I’ll be addressing straight anal here. I’m not a gay male, so on that, I’m not qualified to comment.

I’ve heard some of the best mishap stories about sex that concerned anal and everybody has one. One was the couple who wen a tad heavy on the lube, and ended up with a colonoscopy amount of mess. Another was about a surgeon who ripped his fiance during anal, but then insisted she go to be stitched up at a local hospital where they were both well known.

If you are a woman who likes anal, bless you. I’ve run into problems with it, mostly with partners, not the act itself. An ex-boyfriend held me down for my first anal experience. I was tense and I tore. The greater problem was partners who decided that instead of asking, they would go the “whoops wrong hole” approach. Sorry fellas, you all know the difference between a twat and an asshole, ASSHOLES!
At any rate, if you feel the urge, relax, use a sensible amount of lube, and have fun.


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