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Oral Fixation, End Game

I started giving my first blowjobs way before I lost my virginity. It was simple, painless, and because I wasn’t ready for it, avoided the main event. My boyfriend was as young and green as I was, so getting down oral basics was just that: basic. There were only two rules and one negotiation: don’t gag, watch the teeth, and spit/swallow. The learning curve was easy for the negotiation; swallowing was easier and less messy. The trick was to get his cock far enough in the back of my throat not to taste cum..simple.
As the years rolled past, I got a bit more sophisticated with the technique. Sometimes, a gentle, judiciously placed teeth scrape is a good thing. A finger up the ass and on the prostate amplified the BJ orgasm tenfold (so I was told by recipients). Balls could be tenderly touched and squeezed. What didn’t change was the final negotiation. The decision to spit/swallow was largely determined on who the guy receiving was. As I got into swinging and later sex work, flavored condoms became my friend. Until I developed a latex allergy, then flavored lube and polyurethane condoms got the job done. I NEVER gave a BJ without condom coverage as a pro. It was too big a risk.
Years of hands on research with men gave me some insight with the spit/swallow game. Most men worded it this way: they felt better when women didn’t “reject” their sperm, they loved it when it was “accepted”. The male ego extends in all directions. I was told by many that they felt like they were not desirable when women didn’t swallow. Of course, to some, it didn’t matter a tinkers damn where the jizz went, as long as the happy ending was there.
I have some news fellas, most spooge tastes nasty. It has nothing to do with you as a man if she spits. It has EVERYTHING to do with your semen tasting like battery acid. You are what you eat, the flavor of cigarettes and beer gets passed through cum.  Don’t worry, Auntie Z has your back. There is an actual smoothie recipe to make your load taste better. Here it us verbatim, courtesy of PENny (

Super Spunk Smoothie
1 cup pineapple, fresh or canned
1 banana, frozen
1 cup apple juice
1/2 tsp ginger
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 TBS honey
Optional ingredients: 1 raw egg white, 2 TBS wheat germ, 2 TBS flax seed, 1 shot wheatgrass juice. Drink daily for best results.

Guys, this will make your cum taste like banana bread batter. You also sweat out the spices, so you smell delish. Your womenfolk will thank you, and be way more willing to swallow. You are welcome.


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