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Melolagnia…or Music to Mate To..

Imagine…you just get back from a hot date with you sweetie (or sweeties, sides, whatever). The shoes come off, you might fix a drink or light party favors, but most likely, some music gets switched on. Most of my friends have a streaming playlist for just such a purpose. You want to set the mood, and there’s nothing better, or faster, than music.
Melolagnia ( is the name for sexual arousal from music alone. You could be in the car, at work, or some random place. A song pops on from wherever, and it triggers something deep and profound. The pulse quickens and the nethers tingle. Some say music brings up sexytime memories of yore. It could be a certain rhythm, or melody, that digs up tender feelings. For me, it’s lyrics. If the lyrics are surprisingly adult and sexual, it revs up my libido.
Warning: asking people what particular music gets them going can turn to chaos fast. I set up an informal QandA on social media, and holy shit! I got dozens of different answers. Some particular artist popped up several times, like the ubiquitous Marvin Gaye, Prince, and Barry White. People are unique creatures, and expecting a consensus of fuck music was a huge mistake.
So, all I can do is give you a rundown on what music and or musicians heat me up.

“Do I wanna Know” Arctic Monkeys
Grrrrrrrrr lyrics, “That the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can’t say tomorrow day.”

“Closer” Nine Inch Nails
Industrial ear fuck. It stands on its own.

Marvin Gaye
“Sexual Healing”
“Let’s Get It on”
Old school purring in your erogenous zone. These stand the test of time.

Dave Matthews Band,
Almost his whole damn catalogue is perfect. He sounds like he’s whispering naughtiness in your ear.
“Crash Into Me” is a personal fave.
“Let You Down”
“Lover Lay Down”

“Miracles” Jefferson Spaceship. The lyrics to this song warped my fragile mind as a kid. Listen closely, it will for you too.

“Ain’t Nobody” Rufus and Chaka Khan. It’s perfection. Turn it on and get naked.

“Bloodfeather” Highly Suspect. The newest on the list. Lyrics, smoky bluesy vocals. Yum….

So, make your own list, discuss it with your partner/s , and enjoy..


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