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Group Love

In the world outside of swinging, there seems to be a tad bit of confusion between the meaning of the words PUPPYPILE and ORGY. An orgy is a group of people having sex in one room, in little scattered groups. A puppypile is just that: a single pile of people fucking whatever or whomever is touching them. More on puppypiles in a moment…
First, orgies. Orgies tend to be just parties with couples screwing in little groups, threesomes or moresomes, while others just party. I would say it’s just one step up from a swinger party. I’ve been to dozens through the years. Believe it or not, there’s an etiquette to these things. Be polite, mind boundaries, and ask before joining in, for the love of sanity! True story: there was an incident where I was messing around with a guy friend when we heard the sound of rattling foil. Over us stood a naked guy shaking a condom at us, without speaking a word, expecting to just be welcomed in. Trust me, he was declined quickly.
Next, puppypiles. These tend to be a disorganized stack of people of both genders, sort of screwing whatever is in front of them.  The group wanting to have a puppypile tend to have a boundary chat before diving in so that all involved are aware of other people’s needs. Puppypiles are a next-generation event, not for the shy, squeamish, or prudish.  If you aren’t bisexual, you might get a bit of a surprise. I was in the middle of a puppypile when I felt a mouth on my nethers that just didn’t feel quite right. The touch was too smooth and gentle. I disengaged long enough to look down and see a female friend’s head between my thighs. It would have been rude to stop her, and I wasn’t angry, just extremely surprised. It did reinforce that I was straight in my own mind. Later she was VERY apologetic when she found out I was straight, but I learned my lesson: be clear about your sexuality beforehand.
So, it Saturday night, and you and your partner are bored with an extra person. I’ve now given you options. You are welcome.


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