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Freaky Friday…Lighter Fluid

As a Escort that specialized in BDSM, I sometimes received some weird ass requests from clients. If the request was super bizarre, the pay was bigger. The biggest payday I ever got happened to ride shotgun with possibly the freakiest job. It all started with a phone call…
“Yes, I found your web ad. It said you do special requests.”
“Sure,” I tried to sound super confident. ” But, extra compensation goes with it, depending on how ‘special’ the request is.”
There’s an audible pause, then, “Have you ever played with lighter fluid…?”
As soon as I was assured said lighter fluid wasn’t meant for me, I agreed to a double rate. With tip, my take was $1000. At the appointed time, I met up with the client at his hotel room. He was otherwise naked, except for a towel. On the night stand, there were: a cigarette lighter, lighter fluid, wet wash cloth, and healing lotion. He wanted to get right down to business, which was fine with me. He plopped down on the bed, legs spread, and gave me a stern look.
“Here’s the deal: you do EXACTLY what I say, when I say it. After we’re done, take the envelope, check the contents, and leave. I’m not interested in chit chat. Agreed?”
I nodded.
“Now, get a towel and I’ll put it under me, then wrap the wet wash cloth under my balls.”
After I got the towel, I lifted his nuts and put them on the wet washcloth.
“Good, now get the lighter fluid ready. Put it in one hand, the lighter in the other. When I say go, you douse my dick and balls with the lighter fluid, then light and drop the lighter on my balls.”
My mouth dropped open at this. What the fuck..
“Just listen. After you light me up, as soon as I say, take the washcloth and put me out. All that’s left is to jack me off. You think you can do this?”
All I could do was nod yes.
” Good, get ready.”
Standing there with lighter fluid in my left hand, the lighter in my right, I stood poised and ready. To be honest, I had a fleeting thought of this sick bastard catching fire, and me in prison orange. Too late now, I thought, let’s do this. What could possibly go wrong…
“Douse me.”
I sprayed his dick and balls with the lighter fluid for about 3 seconds, then stopped when he said to.
“You ready? Light me up.”
I took a deep breath, flicked the lighter, and dropped it. It landed right by his left ball. A spirt of flame whooshed up his dick. For fifteen excruciating seconds, I watched his junk burn.
“Put me out, NOW!”
I swooped down, grabbed the washcloth, and flopped it over his cock. The flame went out instantly, without even a sizzle. His package was bright pink, and the scent of scorched hair abounded. He nodded at me, and I wrapped my hand around his slightly burned dick and pumped. He grabbed his own balls and rolled them around in his hands. He laid back on the bed, closed his eyes and moaned. This guy lasted about five minutes, then blasted his load. I aimed it on his belly.
He just laid there, stretched out on the bed, eyes shut. As quietly as I could, I crept to the bathroom and washed my hands. The smell of burned hair, lighter fluid, and cum was nasty. Cleaned up, I walked out and he had sat up, and was slathering lotion on his nethers. He glanced at me, then over to another side table. An envelope was placed there. In it was a thank you card, and ten $100 bills. He looked at me, and nodded to the door. I took the hint, and left. Not another word was said.
I never knew who he was, or where he got this weird fetish. It really didn’t matter, after all. He left a good, but clinical, review on my website, saying I was punctual, attractive, and good with instructions. For all that, he could have been speaking of a job interview, all business.
It was the strangest way to make $1000, but left lasting memories.


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