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Daddy Issues

A tweet from my friend BohemianHedonist (@MzPatchouli) gave me this idea. Much love sis!
I’ve arrived at the most awkward age for a woman next to adolescence: middle age. It’s a time to reevaluate what turns me off and on, as ugly as it seems. In this discernment of what makes my motor hum, I’ve come do a pivotal point: what’s going to happen about my love of older men? Especially now, since I’ve reached the age, that in my 20’s, is the age of the men I preferred?
A goodly majority of my women friends have the “Daddy Issue” at some point. Biological fathers were absent, or were shitty if they were present . It leaves a woman with a certain unmet psychological need/scar. My father experience was almost textbook: he went poof into thin air when I was 10. I started looking for an emotional replacement.
When I reached college age, Jesus I found guys my own age lacking. These were boys that were nearly mentally and sexually stunted . A girl gets tired of a penis battering ram that can’t find the hole, much less the clit. Being excruciatingly disappointed, I didn’t lose my actual physical virginity until I was the freakishly old age of 24. The final recipient of the V card was a man who was 45 years old, and happened to be my male roommate’s dad. It was magical in that he knew where all the anatomy was located an how to handle the goodies. I had no clue that this older man had some serious issues of his own. He knew how to fuck and that worked for me. It was meat and potatoes sex to be sure, but it got the job done.
After I became a widow at 31, I hit a sexual frenzy where I got to sample a veritable smorgasbord of men and their age related skills. I did revisit college age guys, and began to appreciate their boy scout go to skills and stamina. And yet, I still gravitated to older men. Males 10 years and older than myself just had a self assurance that life experience brings. They were battle scarred in the love wars, and it made them a bit less clingy. The bedroom skills might have lacked the go-all-night sex marathon that younger men had, but they vastly made up for it in timing, pacing, and quality. With an older guy, he would make sure I had a good time, even if I didn’t come. Younger guys just wasn’t that concerned about my orgasm. Quality counts gentlemen!
Now my mid 40’s have arrived, and with it some small wisdom. The older men of my past are now the men of my present. The skills are still there, but now, I have a similar background. We can have real conversations about shared life experiences after fucking. Many of my same age female friends are cougars, and I respect that. But the idea of banging guys way younger than me is downright creepy, in a very pedo way. I draw the line at males 30 years old and up; less awkward. So I guess we grow out of the Daddy Issues as we grow up. Who knew.


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