My “Girlfriend Experience”

My friend Rebsy (@rebsyreviews) started asking me about my experiences as an escort the other night. It occured to me I haven’t talked about it much on the blog so far. Time to change that.
The idea to be an escort came to me in my early 30’s. I loved my job at a major university, but had measly pay. Sex was something I always got plenty of, and was already a single swinger. Some friends of mine were joking about, “Well, you know, why not get paid for something you love to do?” It never occurred to me it was immoral or dangerous. At the time, I wanted adventure. So I did my research, and there was plenty of info on the net. The pay, hours, and limits I could decide on myself. It was simple to set up: a prepaid cellphone and ads on a few web sites catering to independent escorts. I posted pics, stated that I could also perform BDSM, and waited.
Before I go further, let me stop to set up the way I looked. The stereotypical escort tends to be mid 20’s, perfect face and body. Hot or beautiful are words that aren’t usually associated with me. I’ll be honest, I’m plain, short, and dumpy. I have a certain charm, but that doesn’t photograph. Yes, I have red hair and was a runner, but I was still 235 lbs, in my early 30’s. Being realistic, I wasn’t expecting much.
First surprise: I got SEVEN calls the first day of my listings. Was I nervous? Hell yes I was. To play it safe, I had a female taxi driver friend to drop me off and pick me up. Also, I figured out taking a date closer to home was a good idea. So, I took a deep breath, and took the plunge. I went to meet with my first client.
He turned out to be an ordinary guy: married, mid 40’s, average looks. What wasn’t regular was his money. He was in the horse racing business, and dressed the part, Rolex™ and all. Me, I wore a black sheath dress and heels, nice but not flashy. We met up in the bar at an upscale hotel in the city. We talked for awhile before hand, the conversation ranged from work to books, and he seemed witty and well read. On the way to his room when were alone in the elevator, I couldn’t help but ask, “Why pick me?” He just smiled, and answered me later.
When you hear about being an escort in the media, there’s a misconception about the sex itself. One might be led to believe that it’s kink and flash and freaky. The first time with my first client was surprisingly mundane. All he asked for was lots of affection. Some escorts won’t kiss, ala PRETTY WOMAN, but I had no objection. In all, it was straight up vanilla sex. It could have been a normal one night stand, except for the envelope on the dresser with $350 cash. It went like this: blow job, boob worship, intercourse. He was all smiles at the end, so seemingly job well done. As I was getting dressed, I heard this, “You asked me earlier why I picked you. I chose you because you looked kind. Most young escorts are cunts who think their pussy is lined with gold. I really didn’t want to deal with a bad attitude. I took a chance, and it paid off.” After that, he became a regular.
Now, did all my dates work out so well? Eh, no. I got my share of weirdos, especially as I started getting more BDSM clients. Some wanted more than a business transaction, a relationship, which I never did. I will say I met some fabulous men in the process from all walks of life. They ranged from race horse owners to retired teachers, banking executives and even the odd minister or two. And yes, I even got calls from women from time to time. I’m not bi, so I ended up referring them to another escort who was. The good thing is that I was lucky, none of my clients ever tried to rip me off. All were gentlemen. And so, there are so many individual stories from this time. I’ll tell you about those later.


One thought on “My “Girlfriend Experience”

  1. Love it all of us women have done things that were not proud of however and then there is women like us that embrace our sexuality. With that being said love the article can’t wait for more

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