Tall Skinny White Boy Syndrome… Treatise on the D


Not to brag, but I’ve seen literally hundreds of penes in my day (not PENII, according to The male anatomy comes in an assortment, from tall to small and all in between. Some I have seen could be used as turn signals, they bend so much either left or right. Others could be used as Duraflame™ fire logs or conversely, toothpicks. There are misconceptions about size according to race as well, i.e. black men have just as much size variety as any other race. Sorry, the “black dudes are packing” myth is just that. However, my personal experience has led me to find one constant in male anatomy: Tall, skinny white boy Syndrome.
My personal definition for this syndrome is thus: White males who are disproportionately tall to weight are consistently well hung. Has this theory been scientifically tested with control group: well, no. In my 20 years of being sexually active, however, I’ve never seen an exception to this. Consistently, every single man I have ever hooked up with who was a Caucasian over 6’3 (1.9 meters) his huge. For example, like over 7 inches (18 centimeters) huge, with girth. At first, I considered it a pleasant surprise (and terrifying) when my first boyfriend in college dropped trousers and I witnessed what he was packing. Later throughout the years, as I experienced this phenomenon more often, I grew curious to how common this was. So I did what most women do, I’m polled my female friends: some were swingers, some sex workers, others straight vanilla. To my surprise, they tended to agree to my finding; tall skinny white guys had huge packages.
As I mentioned before, this is hardly scientific. It all comes from my personal experience. This also doesn’t cover the more germane issue: do men know what to do with a huge dick if they own one…well, that’s another post entirety.


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