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Taking one for the Team

In sex, as in life, sometimes certain people aren’t your cup of tea. Attraction is variable, and even if you go out of your comfort zone sometimes, it may or may not end well. In swinging, when you are trying to partner swap with another couple, it can be damn near impossible to get a direct match.
Thus the term “taking one for the team” was born. In my experience, about 50-60% of the time, this happens. My husband might have his eye on a hot redhead, and her partner might creep me out, for whatever reason. So, if the other couple doesn’t play alone, you’re stuck; unless I “take one for the team” and fuck the guy so my husband can have his hot redhead. Results vary, sometimes I get surprised and the guy might know how to use his tongue. Or, more likely than not, I lay there and play nice and the partner gets his.
To be fair, my husband has returned the favor. We met a couple where the guy was full blooded Apache, no shit. Unfortunately, the wife was in her late 40’s, and looked it. My honey went along, and it turned out great, for me. I got my freak on, and my husband didn’t come. It happens in this scenario.
Is it better to “take one for the team” to please your partner, or be honest and refuse? I’ve had times when the guy in the other couple looked at me and actually made a face of disgust. Other times, I’ve sat with the guy revved and ready to go, and the wife just say “fuck no” to my husband’s face, and leave the room. It hurts like Hell and makes you feel inadequate.
So, do you or don’t you? If my husband sees a lady so hot he loses his mind and the husband is meh, I’ll go along. Know your limits. If the other partner is repulsive, in looks or personality, take a pass diplomatically. Luckily, it’s getting more common where couples will play separately and you can mix and match without hurt feelings.


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