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Swing Memories 1..the Ladies room…

Swing Memories 1..the Ladies room…A large swinger party setup is this: there’s a huge room involved, usually a hotel ballroom or rented strip club. One end will have a stripper pole or two with a dance floor, the other a bar. Interspersed in between are tables and chairs, sometimes couches. Normally there will be a DJ. The party itself usually is pretty raucous, with rubbing and necking but usually nothing more sexual than that: intercourse is for the hotel rooms. The quiet corners are often sought out if you actually want to talk to another couple. Then, there’s the bathrooms. The ladies room tends to be the very center of any good party. It’s relatively quiet, and you can regroup and gather intelligence on other couples.
Or, you can walk in and see a friend straddling the sink, with the faucet turned on full blast on her pussy. Earlier, the group I was with saw her in a corner talking and petting with a guy, then turn and sprint to the bathroom. By the time I got there to check on her, she was splashing cold water on her nether regions for all it was worth. Between dashing around grabbing cups of ice and  paper towels we got the story: the guy the friend was with wanted to show her a new thrill. What she didn’t count on was this guy gliding a Listerine mouthwash film into her twat. After a few minutes of frantic scrubbing and help from friends, she managed to rinse the mouthwash strip out, making her too sore to play that night. She spoke truly, “Hell, there’s no use fucking now, I already douched.”


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