Why Bi men are yummy.


It’s a badly kept secret that I adore Lee Pace. Marmaduke notwithstanding, there’s nothing he’s done that hasn’t been marvelous; Halt and Catch Fire especially. Catching up on a show has never been more tasty. Lee plays Joe Macmillan, a Machiavellian computer visionary, who is portrayed as bisexual. Let me testify, the guy on guy kissing on Season 1 Episode 3 ” “High Plains Hardware” did stir me up. Well played, Mr. Pace!
That episode did get me thinking: I definitely have a thing for bisexual men in general. However, I myself am straight, experiments aside. My swinger and pansexual friends tease me about being a hypocrite. I disagree. Before I expand on this, I want to say categorically this is not like straight men who beat off to girl on girl porn, but shudders at the thought of real time lesbians. There is nothing that turns me on more than a bisexual man in the flesh…
Most straight American men have a sad case of sexual repression (as do most Americans in general, for that matter). God forbid they step out of the cage society puts them in, even for a minute. Bisexual men are, to me, just more comfortable in their own skin. They don’t fear the touch of others. This looser, more relaxed sexuality allows for experimentation. Does this feel good to whomever I’m with? Being free of the norms of what is expected of you as a man makes bi men intoxicating to me.
Then, there’s the sex. I’ve been in puppy piles of people and have looked down to find a female head between my legs. Sure, it felt good; but, it is wasn’t the same. The smell of a man, the strength of their hands, nothing compares. Then, when a woman is in the presence of two men making love to each other, it’s like being allowed to witness magic. I’ve had the privilege of being that woman, and my goal is to be invited into their special little world to partake. Two men together just seem to be passionate, animalistic. Then, take a bi man willing to share that side of themselves to you……sigh.
I’m unapologetic about my gay/bi male fixation, and will continue to look for a bi guy to be a play partner. As for Lee Pace, I don’t think he’s bi (unfortunately), and I think Joe Macmillan on Halt and Catch Fire is a sociopath. Crazy, in this case, has never been sexier.


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