Sex, Sex, Sex!!

Ha, now I have your attention! If you were to look at me, you probably wouldn’t think I’ve led a pretty creative sex life. Boy I have stories to tell; but first, let us hit the high points.
1) I’m a swinger, starting 12 years ago. I met my husband at a swing party, and yes, I fucked him the first night I met him. There is a friendship and camaraderie in the Swing lifestyle that’s difficult to find anywhere else. The people I met the very first party I went to are still incredible friends. You can’t be shy in Swinging. Others will see you naked, doing pretty personal things. It can do wonders for the body image, since you will meet people bigger, and older who couldn’t give a damn about what you think of them.
2) I’m in an open marriage. This is not to be confused with Swinging. An open marriage means we have sexual partners outside our main relationship. Swinging is when you have sexual relations with other partners WITH YOUR SPOUSE PRESENT. Your marriage can be open but not group centered. We decided to have an open relationship from the start, with the belief that being loyal is more important than being faithful. I’ve seen couples be faithful out of habit but hate each other otherwise. It’s about being brave enough to be open to each other’s needs and boundaries. This is especially important now, since I’m unable to really sexual satisfy my husband because of illness.
3) In the past, I’ve been a sex worker. No matter what society calls it: hooker, whore, escort, prostitute…it’s all the same thing. Sex worker is the better name, there’s just different levels. Let me very clear: I was in my mid 30’s, college educated, and very much a willing participant. Sex work is NOT human trafficking, it is done by women and men who are fully aware and consenting. The job lasted about a year, and I was an escort. I had a website, and got calls to meet up with clients at various places. There are misconceptions about escorts, that you must be hot and young and in a major metropolitan area to do well. I was 34, 240 lbs, in a southern midsize town, and still got $300 an hour and got up to 6 calls a night, 24/7. I usually did 1 call a night. Am I ashamed I did it? NO. I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone. I met fascinating people, and there’s nothing better for your self esteem and body image than people paying to fuck you AS YOU ARE.
4)BDSM. The most misunderstood sexual lifestyle going right now. Fifty Shades of SUCK…I mean Fifty Shades of Grey has completely warped what BDSM is. To me in my experience, BDSM is a way to connect with another person in the most intimate way possible. You essentially are trusting another human to take part in you forbidden kinky side without judgment. Depending on how far you go, you could be trusting this person with your psychological and physical safety. My BDSM experiences have been with my husband, as well as other partners. I’ve even been paid to perform certain acts (see above). Mainly I’m a submissive, meaning I enjoy giving my power over to others. There are ALWAYS explicit consent and boundaries. Anything else is abuse, period.
So, you know my freaky side. It’s who I am, no shame.


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